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The Tail of Two Sugar Nubs

3 year old Mastiff beats cancer

The Tail of Two Sugar Nubs

The Meritorious Kong Ball

August 1st, 2017 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

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Hey Ya’ll!!

Odd things have been going on here in Texas lately and I’m unsure what to think. What I do know is I’m sticking close to mommy just in case things really get wacky! What are these odd things you ask? Well, here ya go:

  1. Today is August 1st….AUGUST IN TEXAS. For those who have never visited such a lovely place, here’s a crash course. It is currently 3:45 pm and only 80 outside and tomorrow’s high is only 86. I’m scared. Do I need to start stockpiling bones and gathering blankets for world end? Of course this happens now, I just achieved my goal as Miss Hot Body. Figures.

2. I watched my parents eat breakfast this morning and was able to produce the largest drool, without it ever hitting the floor. IMPRESSIVE.

3. My brother, Tike, arranged his Kong balls in a near perfect line. Why you ask? Remember me telling you he is STRANGE? Oh and I located a picture of him eating with his Kong ball. My parents really should own stock in Kong toys…just saying. Btw someone needs to tell him he’s a messy eater. Won’t be me. I’m on his sh*t list at the moment.

4. I FINALLY stole his precious Kong and when he asked for it back, I stood up for myself and VERY loudly said NO! I win, for the moment. I swear, there’s something about losing a leg that just gives a girl confidence!

5. The mini horse played nice the other day. I don’t have a picture but I swear it happened. I still don’t trust that damn thing…


That’s all I got for ya folks. Texas is weird and life is weird at times but I LOVE MY LIFE!!!! I’ll leave ya’ll with some of my favorite things this week:


Adrian Beltre hits his 3,000th career hit. Here’s Tike sporting his new bandanna grandma made him. I kindly asked grandma to make me one in pink, so I’ll have mine soon.


Mommy and I got to sit outside and didn’t melt for a change


Oh, and here’s my “Hey Mommy, I think I just saw my favorite neighbor Pam” face. 🙂


Bye for now!!!!!!!

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A few of my favorite things!

July 23rd, 2017 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

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Happy Sunday Funday!!!

It’s super hot outside and I’m just too pretty to sweat, so no barking at horses today. I’ll hangout in the a/c until this Texas heat chills out a bit. While I hang out and catch up on Animal Planet, I figured I’d share some photos of my favorite things! Enjoy ❤️

  1. 1st pic- My purple cast after surgery. Love the cast but don’t miss that bum leg. 

2nd pic- Mommy’s favorite cast. Texas Rangers!


3rd Pic- Me with a mouthful of blanket. Don’t judge me, it calms me and helps me sleep.


Sugar and her siblings

July 19th, 2017 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

Hey everyone! I feel guilty hogging the spotlight so I figured I’d share a picture of my siblings.

From the left: My sister, Little Girl. She is a 6 year old pitbull. Don’t let that scare you. She’s such a baby and follows me around everywhere I go. Even shares a bed with me. That gets annoying sometimes but that’s ok, she came to our family as a rescue so she wasn’t born into the lap of luxury like my brother and myself.

In the back: My brother, Tike. He is a 7 year old pitbull/mastiff mix. I love and respect him. He’s so smart and runs so fast. If my parents hadn’t gotten him as a baby I would question his age. Looks and acts more like my age. He is a little strange though. I don’t think he knows he’s actually a dog. Won’t chew on bones (OUTLANDISH!), won’t eat dog treats, and only plays with one toy…..his beloved Kong ball. He eats with it in his bowl, sleeps with it, bathes with it, and I even saw him potty with it in his mouth once. Weird. I know he loves me too because he sometimes shares his extra Kong’s with me. Sometimes. 

And of course there’s me! You already know me so no need to describe my beautiful self again. However, I will share a picture of me under my favorite shade tree 🙂

Hope all you Tripawds, Four Legged Fur Babies, and Pawrents have a great day! Off to sun bathe on this beautiful, hot, Texas summer! – Sugar



Hello Tripawds!

July 18th, 2017 · 7 Comments · Uncategorized

Well hello there fellow Tripawds! My name is Sugar and I live in Farmersville, TX with my Mommy, Daddy, brother Tike, and sister, Little Girl. I’m a 3 year old beautiful Boerboel (aka South African Mastiff) and the youngest among my four legged siblings. I enjoy long, relaxing conversations with my Mommy outside sitting under the shade tree. Mommy even bought me my own special outdoor blanket for us to relax on! If you’re interested I can tell you where you can get one yourself. LIFE CHANGER. I also enjoy, barking at the neighbors horses with my siblings, my human neighbor named Pam (she’s mine, I don’t share), vanilla Oreo’s, my monthly Bark Box, chewing on blankets to put me to sleep, and just being with my amazing family.  Oh yea, did I mention I’m beautiful and “Mommy’s everything?” I’m told this by my Mommy about a million times a day, maybe more, I was never that good at math. What I do know is my parents love me more than anything and were completely heartbroken when a mass on my left hind leg came back positive for cancer. I was only sad because Mommy was crying. Just wanted her to feel better so I could continue barking at those stupid horses, especially the mini horse. Seriously, what is that thing?! Too small to be a horse and it’s about my size, but get this……IT’S NOT A DOG!!! I’m so confused. Sorry, I let that damned mini thing get me side tracked. Anyhow, about that evil cancer. So, I was diagnosed with a sarcoma cancer, can’t recall the actual type (give me a break, it’s a big word for a 3 year old) but my parents were told it was a “friendly cancer” and unlikely to spread beyond my leg. Yay! Good news! Mommy can stop crying and I can get back to business. My siblings are doing a sub par job in the horse barking department in my absence. Well, all didn’t go according to my master plan. I had surgery in May to remove the mass. I had the CUTEST casts ever! The purple one was my favorite because, duh, I’m a beautiful princess, but Mommy kindly asked that I get a Texas Rangers cast. She loves her Texas Rangers baseball and I’ll do anything for my Mommy! Unfortunately, the mass grew back within 3 weeks. I still didn’t get all the fuse. I felt and looked great. Sure I was carrying a little extra weight around the middle but who isn’t? Plus, by my calculations I still had a little time to trim down for bikini season. Wait….I forgot, I’m bad at math and I live in Texas. Oh well, I have a booty and face to die for. We’ll go with that. So my parents decided, since my cancer was considered “friendly” that we would try some homeopathic medicines and diet changes. I was about a week in, still feeling great, then I got an infection and developed a pretty high fever. Daddy took me to the emergency room while Mommy cried at home. I wasn’t feeling my best but was still super stoked about a truck ride with Daddy. After a day long vet stay where I received blood and fluids I was ready to come home. My parents informed me shortly after that this bum leg has got to go. I was a little nervous until Mommy said I would be even more beautiful as a Tripawd. More beautiful than before??? Didn’t know that was possible….SIGN ME UP! So I gained my ever so exclusive Tripawd status on June 20, 2017. All I have to say about that leg is BYE FELICIA!!!! Mommy was right!! I am more beautiful! And guess what?! I even trimmed down just in time for bikini season. Can’t wait to show that mini horse thing my new hot body…oh wait, um, I mean bark at him….. Overall I’m doing AMAZING! The hardest thing was figuring out how to adopt a new potty position. I eventually got it, may not be pretty but you shouldn’t be watching anyway. A lady needs her space. Today I’m back to being a happy, healthy, loving, 3 year old who has a booty that just won’t quit! I even run and roughhouse with my siblings. Mommy has her “Everything” back and I couldn’t be happier! Back to my wonderful life with my amazing family! Btw….continue reading my blog. Mommy likes to post funny pictures of me. I tend to do some pretty funny things and have issues with scary objects….like a space heater. That scary monster had me locked in a closet for what seemed like an eternity. Bye for now! Got important business to handle. – Love, Sugar